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A Few Words About Us

The idea of establishing the first specialized laboratory in Palestine began when its first founder, Prof. Ayman Suleiman Farid Hussein Raddad, was sensitive to the suffering of the Palestinian citizen. Since citizens seek diagnosis and treatment outside Palestine, they have to travel frequently for these tests and stay for long periods outside of Palestine.

Medical Departments

Routine& Spesial Department

This department is considered one of the main and essential section of any medical laboratory. It includes various routine tests such as: General chemical analysis (i.e. the functions of the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas), urine and stool tests, analysis of hormones and viruses, analysis of levels of drugs in the blood, and detection of Tumor markers in addition to many other available tests.

Genetics tests Department

Genetics is the future and the past. The history and the promise of every organism is written in its DNA. Geneticists are leading one of the major scientific revolutions of humankind, delving into the distant past and providing an unprecedented understanding of the biological world. Our department offers a supportive and unique training environment across the full spectrum of genetics, bridging the disciplines of molecular genetics, development, genomics, and evolutionary biology.

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